Notice to our customers.Misleading conduct and trade mark infringement by Edisons. Edisons has advertised and sold counterfeit motor vehicle snorkels with Toyota trade marks appearing on the snorkels.Those snorkels were not manufactured by or with the licence of Toyota. They were counterfeit products.Following legal action by Toyota, Edisons has admitted that this conduct was misleading and contravened the Australian Consumer Law. Edisons apologises for any inconvenience that this conduct may have caused to any of our customers. If you purchased one of these products from us, you are invited to return the snorkel to us for a full refund.

Sydney Pick-Up (Seven Hills & Penrith) 

Convenient Pick-Up

If you would prefer to pick-up your item, we provide a pick-up service from our Sydney warehouses at Seven Hills and Penrith. To make this process as smooth as possible, please note these essentials:

  • Payment must be made prior to arrival.

  • Courier pickups not permitted due to average collection time being 15-30 mins

  • Pick up location may vary depending on the availability of the stocks.

  • Same day pick up can occur between 9am-3pm Mon-Fri (excl. pub hols)

  • Collection required within 7 days of payment.

Pick-Up Process

  1. Select Pick-Up upon check out.

  1. Please contact us after the payment so we can provide you with the location of the stock.



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