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  1. GENPOWER 100W Portable USB Folding Solar Panel for Camping
    GENPOWER 100W Portable USB Folding Solar Panel for Camping
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Harness the power of the sun with G&P Portable Camping Solar Panels, exclusively available online on Edisons. When you're off the grid, steady and dependable power can be a real problem. Petrol generators might provide electricity for a day or two, until the fuel runs out and you realise the next station is hours away. Toss your noisy, fume-belching generator and go for a clean and green G&P Solar Panel.

Available in 120W, 140W, 160W and 250W variants, G&P Portable Camping Solar Panels provide a glimpse into the future of renewable power. G&P Portable Camping Solar Panels absorb the maximum amount of sunlight with top-of-the-line mono-crystalline cell technology. Its anodised aluminium construction ensures your G&P Portable Camping Solar Panel remains rust-free even in harsh Australian weather, while the tempered glass covering protects against small hailstorms. Best of all, G&P photovoltaic modules have passed German regulatory tests that exceed Australian standards, a testament to their high quality, safety and reliability.

Say goodbye to dirty coal and gas and hello to solar with G&P Portable Camping Solar Panels.

Round up all your outdoor needs with affordable and durable Generators and Portable Power Stations, Portable Showers, Portable Ovens, Portable Fridges, Camping Washing Machines and Trolling Motors, all available online on Edisons. Product reliability assured that all G&P Solar Panels are backed by an Australian standard 12-month warranty for private household use. Guaranteed fast and easy delivery to all corners of Australia, whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or in the Outback, only from Edisons.

Power up and buy a G&P Portable Camping Solar Panel today.