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  1. GENPOWER 8.4kW Peak 6kW Rated Diesel Generator Single Phase Commercial RCD
    GENPOWER 8.4kW Peak 6kW Rated Diesel Generator Single Phase Commercial RCD
    Regular Price $1,999.00 Special Price $1,943.00 $2,899.00RRP
  2. GENPOWER Diesel Generator 3 Three Single Phase Peak 7kW Rated 5kW 420CC
    GENPOWER Diesel Generator 3 Three Single Phase Peak 7kW Rated 5kW 420CC
    $1,699.00 $3,999.00RRP
  3. 8.4kW Peak 6kW Rated Diesel 13HP Generator Single Commercial Black
    8.4kW Peak 6kW Rated Diesel 13HP Generator Single Commercial Black
    $1,799.00 $2,399.00RRP
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Diesel Generators

Welcome to Edison's Diesel Generators, where reliability meets technological advancement. Delve into a realm of power solutions tailored for both the modern homeowner and the bustling business owner. Our premium range of diesel generators is a testament to Edison's commitment to providing unparalleled power solutions across Australia.

Why Edison's Diesel Generators Stand Out

In our collection, you’ll discover that our diesel generators are not just machines but a blend of art and engineering. Here's what makes Edison's selection of diesel generators stand head and shoulders above the rest:

High-Calibre Performance: At Edison's, we understand the essence of uninterrupted power. With engines designed for peak power efficiency, our generators don't just power your premises; they empower your life.

Safety at the Helm: From automatic shutdown mechanisms triggered by low oil levels to protective features against overheating and overloading, our generators are built with user safety as paramount.

Ease of Use: Seamlessly integrated intuitive control panels combined with user-friendly electric start, making it simple for anyone to harness the full potential of our generators.

Built to Last: Quality is not just a buzzword for us. It's a promise. And with our durable design and craftsmanship, each diesel generator is a testament to that promise.

Genpower Diesel Generators: Synonymous with Excellence

The pride of our diesel generator collection, Genpower, exemplifies innovation and durability. With an acute understanding of the Australian climate and energy demands, Genpower generators are crafted with precision, ensuring reliability when you need it most. When you opt for a Genpower, you're not just investing in a generator; you're investing in peace of mind.

Power Your World with Edisons’ Diesel Generators

Dive into Edison's esteemed collection of diesel and petrol generators to elevate your power solutions. Each unit, especially those from the renowned brand Genpower, is purpose-built for enduring performance and resilience. When you choose Edisons, you're not just buying a generator but investing in quality, reliability, and a promise of exceptional service. Sourced directly from top-tier manufacturers, we ensure both performance and affordability. Find the right power solution for your needs within our range of inverter, commercial, silent and home generators, as well as portable power stations for additional convenience. 

Whether you're from bustling Sydney or the Outback, Edison's guarantees prompt and secure delivery everywhere in Australia. Any questions or need guidance on the best fit for your requirements? Our dedicated team is available during regular business hours, keen to assist and ensure you harness the optimal power solution for your needs.


Which is the Best, a Petrol or Diesel Generator?

The age-old debate: petrol or diesel? While petrol generators are revered for their lightweight nature and quick start-up, diesel generators stand out due to their fuel efficiency and longevity. Your choice should align with your specific requirements. For extended use and larger power needs, diesel might be the way to go. For occasional, short-term use, petrol could be your pick.

Why Choose a Diesel Generator?

Choosing a diesel generator from Edison brings a myriad of advantages. They're renowned for delivering a continuous power output, ensuring your operations flow smoothly without interruptions. Their remarkable fuel efficiency means you enjoy more hours of operation without frequent refuelling. Plus, each unit is constructed with resilience, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most demanding conditions.

What maintenance does a diesel generator require?

Diesel generators, renowned for their durability, require regular maintenance to ensure peak performance. Inspecting the air and fuel filters, changing the oil periodically, and routinely checking the cooling system is essential. By adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule, one can significantly prolong the generator's lifespan, ensure its efficiency, and avoid unexpected downtimes.

How often should I run my diesel generator when not in use?

Even when you're not relying on your diesel generator regularly, running it for about 30 minutes to an hour at least once every month is advisable. This practice ensures that the engine remains lubricated, the battery stays charged, and potential moisture build-up is reduced. It's also an excellent opportunity to spot any irregularities or potential issues.

What's the difference between single-phase and three-phase diesel generators?

In simple terms, single-phase generators deliver power in one continuous wave, while three-phase generators deliver power in three separate waves. Single-phase generators are typically used for residential and light industrial and commercial applications, while three-phase generators are commonly used in larger and extensive commercial or industrial applications where high power loads are the norm.

Can I use a diesel generator as a primary power source?

While many opt for diesel generators as backup solutions, they are equally adept as primary power sources, especially in remote areas where grid power is unavailable or unreliable. Diesel generators are especially beneficial for off-grid setups, temporary sites, or events. For prolonged primary use, it's crucial to choose a model designed for such operations and to be vigilant about maintenance.