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  1. Baumr-AG 36" Troweller Machine - Trowelling Power Trowel Concrete Helicopter
    Baumr-AG 36" Troweller Machine - Trowelling Power Trowel Concrete Helicopter
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The Baumr-AG Site-Mate Series Power Trowels have taken the Aussie market by storm, becoming the top choice for many contractors and construction companies in recent years. Designed to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs, these machines are perfect for use in large, flat concrete areas like a poured patio slab for a deck or even interior floors. Known for their massive working diameter, a fast and professional finish is guaranteed every time.

Operators can expect the Baumr-AG Trowel Machines to produce symmetrically balanced rotation, giving them minimal fatigue as the optimal weight distribution reduces lateral force. Each power trowel comes with four hard rolled-high carbon steel blades. Not limited to indoor use, these machines require no modification in case you find the need to use them in tougher worksites.

Baumr-AG Concrete Trowel Machines come with reliable motors that deliver legendary power to finish any concrete application. Contractors love the massive working diameter, which makes them the ideal companions even for full commercial operations. They are also great to use in wet-plastic-semi hard or hard finished stages because of the on the fly adjustable blade pitch.

Safety is also not an issue when handling Baumr-AG Power Trowels, thanks to features such as the Centrifugal Safety System that automatically cuts the engine on free spin. The convenient quick start guide is available in each unit, making sure that you have everything to get you started. With a full 1 year warranty that comes with every purchase, what more can you ask for?

There are so much more to like about Baumr-AG Power Trowels. The gearbox is made of high tensile material to protect the sensitive components from debris. For easy transport, you can always depend on the lifting point. Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to their CoatGuard finished frame. All these and more ensure continuous job-site operation without any downtime or interruption.

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Order a Baumr-AG Power Trowel and achieve a professional finish every time!