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Baumr-AG and Powerblade Lawn Mowers feature a convenient key start or a self-propelled pull start and push option. Our lawnmowers are also perfect for precision cutting with the additional mulch and catch bags.

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  1. POWERBLADE 18" 175cc Self-Propelled 4-Stroke Petrol Steel Deck Lawn Mower VS500
    POWERBLADE 18" 175cc Self-Propelled 4-Stroke Petrol Steel Deck Lawn Mower VS500
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There’s no better place to buy lawnmowers in Australia than Edisons. We’re the exclusive online sellers of Baumr-AG and Powerblade lawnmowers, two of the best-performing lawn powers on the market. Reliable, efficient and providing exceptional value for money, our range is one of the best. 

Find push lawnmowers and cordless and self-propelled lawnmowers for sale at Edisons. We also stock ride-on lawnmowers for larger properties, including our petrol-powered Zero-Turn ride-on mowers. 

Quality Lawnmowers for Sale

Owning a lawnmower is practically a part of our Aussie culture, but thankfully, gone are the days when you would spend your weekends sweating over a heavy push mower. We have a lightweight push mower for sale, if you are a lawn purists who prefers the scissor-cutting action of a rotary push blade over the spinning slash of powered mowers. We stock high-quality lawnmowers from premium brands like Baumr-AG and Powerblade, so if you want to buy a dependable model, you’ve come to the right place. 

Baumr-AG and Powerblade have a wide range of models to suit your needs. You’ll find features like convenient key starting, self-propelled, EZ-Pull starting and the lightweight manual push mower with precision scissor cutting for the lawn purist. All Baumer-AG and Powerblade models have a catch bag, mulch option or side chute or even all three. 

Petrol vs. Electric: Which Mower is Best?

Petrol lawnmowers or electric lawnmowers - the first question that comes to mind when you’re looking to buy a new lawnmower. Both types of mowers can provide you with a precise and tidy cut, so when you choose, it’s best to consider what types of lawns you will be mowing with your machine. Convenience is not a problem, all of our mowers are cordless for use anywhere on your property 

Petrol Lawnmowers: Features and Benefits

Powerful, durable and versatile - a petrol lawnmower is for you if you want to buy a lawnmower in Australia that can provide a precise cut to any lawn it comes up against. The higher horsepower of their engines makes them ideal for tackling larger and more uneven lawns. At Edisons we also stock electric start petrol lawnmowers and four-stroke petrol lawnmowers.

Electric lawnmowers are lightweight, easy to maneuver and the more environmentally friendly option. Perfect for residential lawns, these machines are easy to maneuver and are also quieter, making them a good choice if your neighbours are close by. For a battery that lasts longer and charges faster, look to our range of Baumr-AG lawnmowers: now with exclusive Sync Lithium battery technology.  

Shop Factory Direct Lawnmowers at Edisons Today

Round up all your lawn and garden care needs with Edisons wide range of high-quality and affordable pole saws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, leaf blowers, weed sprayers and dump carts. All Baumr-AG and Powerblade lawnmowers for sale are purpose-built for maximum value and durability and are backed by a 12-month domestic warranty and a 3-month commercial warranty. Edisons guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether to Sydney or the Outback. Best of all, we strive to provide quality but cheap lawnmowers by sourcing directly from the manufacturer and selling them straight to you.

Lawnmower FAQs

Can lawnmowers be used on sloping terrain?

Baumer-AG and Powerblade lawnmowers can be used on sloping terrains, but you want to ensure you buy the right model of the lawnmower as some are better suited to uneven ground. Self-propelled lawnmowers are better suited to uneven ground as you have more control. Ride-on mowers are much more suited to flat, wide landscapes. They should not be used on sloping terrain as they are susceptible to rollovers on uneven ground. If you have any questions, get in touch with the Edisons team - we can help you find the right lawnmower for the job. 

How do I maintain my lawnmower?

Regular maintenance on your lawnmower is always a good idea. Regular blade sharpening, oil changes and general cleaning are essential for maintaining lawnmowers in Australia. For a lower maintenance option, electric models are excellent. With Baumr-AG’s Sync Technology, it is easy to check your battery is in good condition. All models will come with maintenance guidelines,  follow these to keep the lawnmower you buy in top working condition.

What safety features should I look for when I buy a lawnmower?

When you shop for a lawnmower, some basic safety features to look for include a one-touch kill switch, gas on-off petcock, on-off safety keys and dead man throttle and operating handles that must be engaged for operation.

Where can I find replacement lawnmower parts?

Most lawnmower parts are readily available online if something in your machine breaks or wears down through specialised retailers. Always check that the parts you are looking to buy are compatible with your model of lawnmower. 

What is a grass catcher, and is it important?

Grass catchers are a feature of many lawnmowers. It is the bag or hard container on the back of your mower that catches grass clippings as they are cut by the blades. A grass catcher allows you to dispose of grass clippings easily or use them for composting or mulching. 

What is the advantage of mulching?

By allowing the aerodynamics of your mower blade to circulate the grass clippings under the mower deck, it cuts the clipping into fine “mulch”. These fall into your lawn and return the nutrients back into your lawn. This method is suited to more frequently mowed lawns.