Pressure Washers

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Pressure Washers

Are you looking for a pressure washer for sale online? Edisons is home to a full line of petrol-powered super high pressure washers from Jet-USA, and the Baumr-AG Pressure Washer.

Catering to all your cleaning needs, our range of pressure washers for sale stands unmatched in efficiency and reliability. Whether it's for home use or industrial tasks, our range of electric, cordless and petrol-operated pressure washers promises top-notch performance. Dive into unbeatable deals and experience the sheer power of our machines. Make cleaning effortless and elevate your standards with the best pressure washer deals in Australia at Edison.

The benefits of buying a pressure washer online

Using a pressure cleaner saves you precious time and energy on tough and hard-to-reach cleaning jobs. Jet-USA's range of Petrol High Pressure Washers and Electric Pressure Washers includes lightweight domestic units and a heavy-duty and high-powered commercial range, while Baumr-AG's Cordless 20V SYNC is more suited to hard-rinsing muddy dirt bikes and 4WD’s tools where water supply mat be limited. 

What can I use a pressure washer for?

A must-have for anyone looking to clean driveways, decks and patios, roofs, boats, trucks, boats and other vehicles, Jet-USA and Baumr-AG’s portable pressure washers are also commonly used for graffiti removal and cleaning construction sites and equipment, as well as stubborn dirt, dust, mud and grime.

Jet-USA and Baumr-AG Pressure Washers are designed to be durable and easily manoeuvred for enhanced cleaning power and an array of cleaning brush heads help assist in all types of cleaning tasks. With Jet-USA and Baumr-AG, you have the ultimate power cleaning tool at your fingertips.

The Jet-USA compatible accessories include the Snow Foam Cannon, which is suitable for all models, as well as the Polycarbonate 15" surface cleaner for most models, and the stainless steel 15", 18", 21", and 24" wheeled heavy-duty Commercial grade surface cleaners. The High-pressure and Super High-pressure Turbo head nozzles are suitable for petrol and electric pressure washers, respectively.

Cordless vs. electric pressure washers

With the cordless convenience of Baumr-AG’s Sync Battery portable system you have the freedom to take on tasks anywhere in your yard. In fact you can take advantage of an on-demand clean water spray of up to 400 PSI (only achieved with a water tap connection and a fully charged battery). This makes it ideal for rinsing mud and dirt from cars, bikes and boats, surfaces like decking and fences and giving mountain bikes or camping gear a clean at the end of your outing. You can draw water from any clean container at up to 3 litres per minute, or you can also use any clean water source like a pool, or recycled water source. The inline filter on the syphon hose prevents debris from clogging the pump.

The Jet-USA corded electric high-pressure washers are beneficial due to their duty cycle: roughly 45 minutes of use and a 15-minute rest, depending on environmental factors. They can take on tougher, more demanding jobs due to their output. Due to their quiet operation, they’re a more peaceful choice for users.

Shop the complete range of garden care with Edison

Tackle all your lawn and garden care needs with Edisons' wide range of high-quality and affordable Pole Saws, Hedge Trimmers, Brush Cutters, Leaf Blowers, Wood Chippers, Log Splitters, Lawn Edgers, Weed Sprayers and Dump Carts. All Jet-USA and the Baumr-AG Pressure Washers are purpose-built and offer durability at maximum value. They are backed by a 12-month domestic warranty and a 3-month commercial warranty. Edisons guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether you're in Sydney or the Outback.

Pressure Washer FAQ

Jet-USA and Baumr-AG Pressure Washers: what’s better for me?

Each Jet-USA model is meticulously crafted, boasting various features such as turbo heads, nozzle attachments like foam cannons, soap solution syphons, various brushes, and customisable pressure settings to cater to individual preferences. The standout quality of all Jet-USA machines is the emphasis on ergonomic and user-centric design, evident in models that incorporate integrated hose reels and practical storage solutions. This attention to detail extends to the performance of their machines, making them versatile choices adept at handling everything from light domestic chores to the more intensive cleaning tasks.

The Baumr-AG pressure washer is durable and robust. Designed for tough cleaning tasks, it features a powerful engine and various attachments for versatility and efficiency. Reliable and built to last, it’s the perfect choice for all your heavy-duty cleaning needs.

What are the benefits of a petrol-operated pressure washer?

Jet-USA Petrol-powered pressure washers are known for their super high power output, making them ideal for tackling tough jobs like stubborn stains, dirt, and grime. They are more powerful than electric, making them suitable for commercial, industrial and heavy-duty tasks. Petrol-powered pressure washer models provide an unlimited runtime. With Baumr-AG’s Overhead Valve engine design and large fuel capacity, they can run as long as you need them. This feature is especially beneficial for large cleaning projects that require extended periods of operation. Lastly, since they don't require an electrical cord, there are no limitations on range or concerns about finding an electrical supply and the hazards that power cords present during operation.