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  1. PROTEGE Multi Stage High Pressure Water Pump for Farm Garden Irrigation
    PROTEGE Multi Stage High Pressure Water Pump for Farm Garden Irrigation
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Protege is an Australian seller that specialises in Water Pumps and Garden Sprayers. Whether it's for commercial or domestic purposes, we're providing quality and affordable liquid transfer solutions to the market.  Using the latest in centrifugal impeller technology, Protege provides high-performance diesel, petrol and lithium powered pumps and weed sprayers that make the lives of our customers easier, safer and more economical. Being an Australian brand, we understand the need for rugged products that can be depended upon in harsh climates, and as such we provide leading fire-fighting pumps and water transfer pumps for flood recovery.  Protege appreciates that Australia naturally demands its population becomes increasingly water wise.  More than ever we need to be able to properly utilise this precious resource in the best possible way.  Because of this, we aim to deliver solutions that enable Australians to access and distribute our water effectively and sustainably.  All Protege products are developed with this key mindset.  Our pumps and sprayers have purpose, reliability, and leading performance built into them, so when you purchase Protege rest assured that you’re getting great value and buying smart.