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Grease Guns

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Are you looking for a grease gun for sale online? Look no further as Edisons now brings you high-quality tools to meet the demands of any lube application. Designed to make lubrication easier, you can instantly achieve the best results with greater speeds, accuracy and efficiency.

The Unimac Electric Grease Gun Series is perfect for any tradesman, handyman or DIYer because it takes performance very seriously. Delivering a whopping pressure each and every time, it could lubricate almost everything from delicate items to more complex objects such as bikes and motorcycles. It is ideal for cars, boats, trucks, ATVs, gardening machinery, tractors, plant equipment, and many more.

There are so much to love about the Unimac Battery Grease Gun. It has an intuitive design that reduces air bleeding and practical features such as the pressure relief valve to prevent motor damage. Unlike bulkier and heavier rivals, it is more compact, lighter and promises uninterrupted grease flow.

The Unimac Cordless Grease Gun has a well-balanced design which makes it easy, comfortable and convenient to use. It also works for longer periods as it comes with two rechargeable batteries with smart charger. It has a high-pressure delivery which makes it five times faster than inferior products like manual grease guns.

Perfectly combining high-pressure delivery and precision flow control, the Unimac Electric Gun Series prevents waste and has better saturation. It also saves you money because it is built to last with proper care and maintenance.

Aside from grease guns, Edisons sell a wide selection of high-quality power and hand tools. Be amazed at our extensive lineup of Nail Guns, Impact Wrenches, Impact Drivers, Engraving Tools, Sheet Cutters, Grinding Kits and Angle Grinders. We also have Drills, Tool Sharpeners, Multi-Function Tools and Hand Tool Replacement Batteries. Also available are Electric Jackhammers, Petrol Jackhammers and Chisels.

Invest in quality equipment for unparalleled lubrication quality. Order Unimac Electric Grease Guns today!

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