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What more can we say about Australia’s finest commercial-grade whipper snippers? At Edisons, you’ll find top-quality Baumr-AG and MTM Whipper Snippers designed for serious performance. Packed with the latest advances in technology, these gardening machines help boost your productivity in an instant.

Baumr-AG and MTM Whipper Snippers are engineered to perform a wide range of tasks from everyday fence line and post trimming, to cutting through tough regional grasses like St. Augustine or Bermuda. Usually offered with additional attachments, these often include a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, 4-line trimmer, spike blade cutter, tri-blade cutter, circular saw, lawn edger, 8-blade cutter and bump feed head.

The ultimate in gardening machinery, Baumr-AG whipper snippers come with ergonomic interlocking controls featuring a throttle trigger, throttle lock and kill switch. Powered by genuine 65cc 2-stroke engines, these machines have a patented easy recoil starting system. Each unit comes with an ergonomic p-loop handle for better control at all angles and is equipped with a premium chain to lessen kickback.

Each Baumr-AG whipper snipper is backed by a full 12 month warranty and features a bonus accessory kit that includes a fuel mixer, earmuffs, gloves, mini toolkit and protective goggles. Other great features include highly responsive direct-air-injected carburettors, and Italian designed bump feed heads.

MTM whipper snippers are modelled on the same fine-tuned quality features, with every unit developed under world-class manufacturing processes. They’re designed to accept an extensive range of line variations, feature tungsten-tipped carbide blades to retain sharpness, with superior maxi-flex engine housing for durability. Equipped with European design and engineering, these tools include handy quick start guides to get you running.

Order a Baumr-AG or MTM Whipper Snipper today to create a lasting impression while enjoying your beautifully trimmed lawn! 

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