Do spare parts come with a warranty?
Parts purchases are not covered by Edisons' standard warranty once used. Should your part or consumable component arrive with a manufacturer's fault, please contact us to discuss a resolution prior to using the item.
How long does it take to ship parts?
Available spare parts will be shipped within 24 hours from purchase.
What is Edisons' spare parts service?
A unique benefit Edisons provides is product servicing. Unlike other online retailers, we have a committed team of expert technicians on location that attend to any technical issues that may arise with your items. If we feel your item is in need of repair, we offer free return postage for the first 60 days following purchase. And in cases where the unit is to be returned following repair, it will be shipped at no cost to you. For more information see Warranty and Returns.
How do I find the right spare parts?
Head to our Parts Finder (link: and type in the SKU of the product you have purchased. It will then show applicable parts available.