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  • Drain Master 1200W Master Drain Cleaner
    Drain Master Drain Master

    Drain Master 1200W Master Drain Cleaner


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  • Baumr-AG Handheld Drain Cleaner
    Baumr-AG Baumr-AG

    Baumr-AG Handheld Drain Cleaner

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  • 250W Drain Cleaner Plumbing
    Drain Master Drain Master

    250W Drain Cleaner Plumbing


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  •   250W Electric Drain Cleaner - CE50
    Drain Master Drain Master

    250W Electric Drain Cleaner - CE50


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4 Product(s)

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Are you annoyed by the standing water in your kitchen sink, tub or bathroom floor? You possibly have a clogged drain. Don’t let this thing wreck a perfectly fine day. All you need is a reliable drain cleaner to solve this kind of problem. Edisons offer various top-of-the-line Drain Master and Baumr-AG Drain Cleaners that are perfect for clearing clogged drains without leaving you drained.

Baumr-AG Drain Cleaners are available in manual and electric versions, both of which are perfect to achieve effortless plumbing. Compact in design, storage is never a problem with these lightweight and easy to carry tools. The Baumr-AG Drain-Cleaner comes with super-long, high tensile and kink-resistant wire cables that are intended to clear even the most stubborn and hard-to-reach blockages. 

The Baumr-AG Electric Drain Cleaner is built with convenience in mind, designed to clear even the heaviest and most solid blockages. Features include the ergonomic foot-switch activation, a heavy-duty coil and cable with automatic safety shutdown. All drain cleaners are suitable for domestic, industrial & commercial uses. 

Aside from drain cleaners, check out the other fantastic home and garden tools available at Edisons. From Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers & Pressure Washers to Pole Saws, Brush Cutters, Weed Sprayers

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