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Rebar Cutters

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5 Product(s)

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Are you searching for a functional and dependable rebar cutter? Edisons has what you are looking for with the
Baumr-AG Hydraulic Electric Rebar Cutter. Designed to help you shape and cut rebar structures with ease, this tool is perfect for use in construction, fabrication,  bridge and highway works, and all kinds of other industries.

Designed with both reliability and raw strength, the Baumr-AG Rebar Cutter is easily the most economical, safe and efficient way to cut rebar. This commercial grade cutter is definitely a must have for handymen, builders and tradespeople. And due to its exceptional manoeuvrability and speed, it’s also often used by a wide range of emergency services and rescue squads.

Some of its notable features include the electric hydraulic motor with reinforced gearbox, the industry-leading pressure drive head and it’s ultra-fast 2.5 second cycle time. As well as rebar, the hydraulic unit can also cut through rods, bolts and chains.

The Baumr-AG Rebar Cutter is easy to use and control, is built with high-quality material, and has a unique design. It can easily cut a wide range of rebar types, has a high cutting speed, and each purchase comes with a bonus steel carry case and tool set.

Built with a no-nonsense design approach, the Baumr-AG Rebar Cutter is a very tough tool able to engage with all sorts of metal, including threaded rods, angle iron and even rusted metal. It is dependable, lightweight, convenient and extremely effective.

In addition to rebar cutters, Edisons also offers other reliable and high quality construction equipment in Sydney, Melbourne and all over Australia. Check out other quality tools such as Hydraulic Press, Laser Levels, Tool Kits, Concrete Saws, Table Tile Saws, Band Saws, Scroll Saws, Metal Cut-Off Saws, Mitre Saws, Circular Saws, Jigsaws and much much more.

Purchase a Baumr-AG Hydraulic Electric Rebar Cutter today and get the right tool for your work site!

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