Laser Levels

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Get it right every single time with Baumr-AG Laser Levels. Harness the power of precision laser beams for perfect, pinpoint accuracy for everything from site grading to sophisticated measurements. Baumr-AG Laser Levels get the job done fast and right.

Precision measurement within reach, the Baumr-AG line of laser leveling tools is engineered with the most advanced positioning system in a laser level tool available on the market. The high-accuracy spirit levelling and tri-adjustable positioning feet make sure you get the proper measurements the first time.

Hit the right spot with the ultra-fine laser aperture module that provides a bright and uninterrupted beam, perfect for any project from basic carpentry to complicated grading. Rotatable 360-degrees, both the Baumr-AG Self-leveling Cross Line and Line Laser Levels go above and beyond with bonus items. The Line Laser Levels come with a complementary sturdy carry case, 50-degree tripod, and a fine levelling base and the Self-leveling Cross Line Laser come with bonus protective glasses, premium aluminum case, and 5 / 8” tripod mounting base.

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Buy a Baumr-AG Laser Level today and zero in on all your precision measurement needs.

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