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Oil Pumps

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offer a complete line of oil pumps that are designed to help make the handling of non-corrosive liquids such as oils and fuels efficient and safe. Having an oil transfer pump allows you to keep up with the fuel and oil transfer needs of your fleet of heavy equipment and trucks. Each set is created to make job progress efficient and ease the rigours of servicing heavy equipment and truck fleets using higher viscosity oils.

Texoil Oil Electric Oil Pumps are made to help you operate faster with less frequent and small lube jobs by equipping your lube stations with any of these portable oil change systems. Crafted for truly outstanding performance, these class-leading pumps are a must-have for both domestic and commercial operators.

Easy to set-up, simple and convenient to use, Texoil Oil Pumps give you measured precise control when dispensing oil and diesel. Providing quality equipment for all kinds of businesses, these pumps perform quickly and cleanly. Texoil Oil Pumps are classified into three major groups, namely oil extractor pumps, portable bowser pumps as well as oil/diesel/bio-diesel transfer pumps.

Made for spotless fuel and oil transfer, Texoil Oil Pumps help you fire on all cylinders in no time. You’ll achieve a serious state of flow with features like digital transfer volume readouts, electrostatic hose conductors for better fire safety, commercial-grade motors and premium alligator battery connector clips. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and compact for an easy handling experience.

Edisons also offer many other pumping solutions for all kinds of needs. We sell Petrol Water Pumps, Diesel Water Pumps, Fire Fighting Hose, Diaphragm Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Macerator Pumps, Aquarium Filter Pumps, Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps, Pump Controllers and so much more.

Purchase a Texoil Oil Pump today and go above and beyond Australian service-station standards!

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