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Diaphragm Pumps

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Experience stable, on-demand water pressure with Aurelaqua High Pressure Diaphragm Pumps, exclusively available online at Edisons. Ensure a dependable and uninterrupted supply of water with the best High Pressure Diaphragm Pumps on offer. Built to last, Aurelaqua Water Pumps are the ultimate water solution for industry, farming, and household use.

Aurelaqua Pumps are fast becoming the number one provider of Australian water pumping solutions. These air diaphragm pumps supply strong constant pressure equivalent to mainline connections, never leave yourself dry with Protege. Reliably pump water up to 20 stories high, and keep your systems secure while also ensuring fine-tuned pressure with accurate adjustment of activation pressure. Automatic flow control options also contribute to more user-friendly end-products. Protege pump controllers boast auto-switching features thanks to class-leading electronic circuit boards for sensing water flow and pressure in the system. Demand the best with Protege.

Available in variants of 4LPM, 5LPM, and 17LPM, enjoy on-demand pressure anywhere with Aurelaqua Diaphragm Pumps. Their unique design offers unparalleled capabilities, whether they’re for a camper, water purification or general cleaning. Aurelaqua Pumps effortlessly outperform other pumps in the range with permanent DC magnet drive, wide torsion, and stable pressure. Housed in strong but lightweight ABS casing, Aurelaqua Pumps are resistant to acid, alkaline and corrosion. Plus installation is a breeze.

Round up all your water pumping needs with affordable and durable Petrol Water Pumps, Diesel Water Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Macerator Pumps, Aquarium Filter Pumps, Swimming Pool & Spa Pumps, Pump Controllers, Fire Hose and Oil Pumps, all available online at Edisons. All Protege and Aurelaqua High Pressure & 12V Diaphragm Pumps are backed by an Australian standard 12-month warranty for private household use and a 3-month commercial warranty. Edisons guarantees fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether you’re in Sydney or the Outback.

What are you waiting for? Buy a Protege or Aurelaqua High-Pressure Pump Diaphragm Pump today.

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