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Nail Guns

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9 Product(s)

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Looking for a nail gun for sale online? You've come to the right place! Edisons is home to one of Australia’s top-selling online nail guns, Unimac Nail Guns. Engineered for excellent execution and designed for longevity while providing consistently good performance & battery life, perfect for all tradesmen, builders and handymen. Unimac Coil Nail Guns are the ultimate choice for tough and demanding tasks such as floor decking, roof and wall sheathing and framing.

Unimac Nailers are available as Cordless Nail Guns, Pneumatic Nail Guns, Gas Nail Guns, Framing Nail Guns, Concrete Nail Guns and Nail Gun Batteries. All nail guns come with patented Drive Technology allowing simple trigger actuations with the precision drive blade to help minimize jams.

The Unimac Pneumatic Nail Guns are ergonomic and lightweight with extended handles to provide comfort while working. Their high-powered large pistons, sturdy aluminium die-cast bodies and quick-load magazine, deliver superior performance for even the most robust tradesman.

Unimac Gas Nail Guns and Battery Nail Guns are powered by the latest lithium-ion battery technology to effortlessly drive nails and staples into hardwood. Unimac state-of-the-art Gas Nail Guns and Battery Nail Guns are built with a balanced design and an oversized exhaust for maximum performance.

When you purchase an electric nail gun, all accessories needed to get you started such as a battery, a charger pack, nails and safety glasses are securely packed in a hard carry case ready to begin the job straight away. 

Edisons offers spare Unimac Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Nail Gun Batteries for sale so you can have double the amount of battery life within a single nailer.

If you are looking to purchase a nail gun in Sydney, Melbourne or the Outback, be sure to check out other affordable power & hand tools Edisons has to offer, from Grease Guns, Wrenches, Drills, Engraving Tools, Sheet Cutters, Angle Grinders, Multi-Function Tools, Tool Sharpeners, Jackhammers and so much more to complement your purchase.

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