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  •   Die Grinder Kit -LX-002 - LX-002
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    Die Grinder Kit -LX-002 - LX-002

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Built for tough grinding jobs, Unimac Grinding Kits are finally here to make life much easier especially for automotive technicians and maintenance personnel. Be it for general surface preparation, gaskets removal or cleaning surfaces, these tools may be lightweight but they are ultra tough to deliver long-lasting performance. Just choose what suits you best and enjoy the convenience brought about by industrial grade power.

Unimac Grinding Kits have ergonomic balanced designs that are great for prolonged use. With advanced engineering and manufacturing, they are easy to operate in tight and hard-to-reach spaces such as motor vehicles. Built to withstand even the harshest environments, you can sharpen tools with ease and absolute precision.

Perfect for any tradesman, mechanic or handyman, the Unimac Grinding Kits are exceptionally rugged, compact and lightweight. Each purchase already comes with everything you need to get started including bonus grinding tips to cover your varying needs. These tools has a pressure sensitive single control design to deliver optimum speeds.

To sum up, Unimac Grinding Kits deliver increased safety and productivity as well as exceptional torque accuracy. Like what other Unimac tools are known for, these tools are built to ensure long-lasting performance and to endure the toughest applications. The bonus hard carry case helps keep things organised.

In addition to grinding kits, Edisons also bring you other high precision power and hand tools. These include different types of drills such as Power Drills, Hammer Drills, Air Drills, Core Drills and Magnetic Drills. Also available are Sheet Cutters, Engraving Tools, Impact Wrenches, Impact Drivers, Grease Guns, Nail Guns and many more.

Don’t settle for anything less. Order a Unimac Grinding Kit and enjoy sharpening, polishing, grinding and cutting like a pro!

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