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Magnetic Drills

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Need a dependable tool for heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication work? Edisons now offer a selection of innovative and carefully designed power and hand tools.

Built to deliver perfect results every time, the Baumr-AG Magnetic Drill is a versatile, accurate and fast machine which can tackle all kinds of hole-making jobs. Far superior than manual-feed portable magnetic drills, be amazed with its strong magnetic adhesion, ergonomics and high performance. A must have for any tradesman, it can work across multiple surfaces regardless of problematic orientations and remote positions.

The Baumr-AG Magnetic Drill is universally suited for drilling, tapping, reaming and countersinking. It comes with an ultra-portable and lightweight design as well as optimised rotation speed to produce clean and precise cuts. More importantly, it is known for its class leading generator safe motor and highly accurate depth gauging capability.

Combining a strong electromagnetic base and the versatility of a drill press, the Baumr-AG Magnetic Drill has a powerful and dependable motor which can help cut large diameter holes faster and provide better accuracy.

When you buy a Baumr-AG Magnetic Drill, you will get everything you need to get started. The innovative adjustable head system ensures that the twist drills are used to full capacity. Each set already includes a bonus chuck and key for total convenience.

Edisons also offer several other type of drills to complete your workshop. Improve your arsenal with our wide array of Core Drills, Air Drills, Hammer Drills and Power Drills, Drill Press  & Drill Bits. Likewise, check out our extensive lineup of tools primarily designed to make things super easy for you. These include Nail Guns, Grease Guns, Impact Wrenches, Impact DriversAngle Grinders, Sheet Cutters, Grinder KitsEngraving Tools, Jackhammers and Tool Sharpeners.

Don’t settle for anything less. Buy a Baumr-AG Magnetic Drill today and use it to boost your productivity, meet production schedules and maintain a positive bottom line!

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