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  • Auch

    Auch is a pioneer brand of Cleaning Products and Floor Polishers based in Australia. Lightweight, easy to use and outstanding maneuverability: These are our products’ qualities that have satisfied our loyal customers for years. Best of all, we offer them at very affordable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank to keep your floors and parquetry in pristine condition.

    One of the first things your guests notice in your home or establishment is your floor. A dirty, muddy floor doesn’t do well for your reputation and may even make your guests take their business elsewhere! But with an Auch floor polisher, you can keep your floor buffed to a brilliant shine and entice customers back into your home or shop. At Auch, our goal is to provide you with affordable and quality cleaning products that will keep your floors looking effortlessly spotless like the day they were laid down.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Auch - affordable cleaning you can depend on.

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  • Aurelaqua

    Aurelaqua is a known Australian brand of swimming pool equipment and accessories. Our products feature a diverse range of Swimming Pool Cleaners, Pool Covers, Pool Cover Rollers, Pool Ladders and Diaphragm Water Pumps. We know that your pool is a significant investment and deserves the best care possible. That's why our goal is to provide quality and affordable solutions to your pool problems.  Swim to your heart's content without spending too much of your hard-earned cash!

    Aussies have a natural affinity for the water. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, boating, you name it! Our love for the water knows no bounds. We even bring it to our homes by constructing swimming pools. They are great domestic amenities, but they need constant maintenance to ensure they remain clear and pristine. Let Aurelaqua be your partner in your pool maintenance. Our product line reduces inconvenience by providing a host of beneficial care, maintenance and money-saving functions. So go on, have a great time in your pool and we'll handle the rest.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Aurelaqua - your all-in-one pool solution.

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  • Baumr-AG

     Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers and Log Splitters have been sold online in Australia for over 10 years, with hundreds of thousands of products being sold all over Australia. Baumr-AG products are tested to high quality standards specifically for the Australian market.

    When you buy a Baumr AG, you’re buying smart. Cut out the expensive middlemen and save hundreds on your next Chainsaws, Lawn MowersStationary Engine, Log Splitters, Jackhammers, Garage Shelving, Compactors, Concrete Saws, Multi Tools, Hedge Trimmers, Wrenches, Jigsaws, Trenchers, Wheelbarrow, Rebar Cutters, Tillers, Cement MIxers, Mitre Saws, Band Saws, Drill Press, Leaf Blowers, Concrete Vibrators, Inverter Generators,  and more. Baumr-AG products are all backed up by a comprehensive 12-month manufacturers warranty and a full range of spare parts to keep your product running for years to come. Buy smart, buy a Baumr.

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  • Bromic

    Bromic is an innovative brand of outdoor heaters, recognized worldwide for our products’ superior design and performance. Here in Australia, we provide quality and ergonomic Industrial Heaters & Blow Heaters designed to keep the chill at bay in wintertime.

    Aussies are known for their great love for the outdoors. We design our homes to get a taste of it whenever, wherever we can. Be it an expansive backyard for barbies and get-togethers with family and mates, or even just chilling in an upper floor patio with a breathtaking view, we can’t seem to get enough of it! But then comes the cold season. It could really spoil any outdoor gatherings and give you difficulties when you’re working outside. That’s why you need an outdoor heater to keep the party going and to continue working comfortably in the field.

    If you’re thinking of getting an Industrial & Blow Heater, then look no further! Bromic's HEAT-FLO™ blow heaters are well-suited for outdoor and industrial applications. They efficiently deliver instant, compact and economical heat solutions to these areas. They're also equipped with heavy-duty, high output fans and LPG burners housed in durable, lightweight steel bodies, maximising heat circulation in their immediate vicinity.

    Our goal is to provide you with affordable, high-quality outdoor heaters that will keep you happy and warm in the frosty outdoors without ripping a hole in your wallet. No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Bromic - your quality and affordable heating solution.

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  • Bullet Off Road

    Bullet Off Road is an Australian brand that specialises in distributing auto gear for outdoor enthusiasts across the country. Our product range includes Car Awnings, Roof Racks and LED Driving Lights that will turn your vehicle into the ultimate travel buddy. We offer quality, practical and resilient equipment so you can explore our country's rugged terrain to your heart's content without breaking the bank.

    Australia is blessed to have many astounding outdoor landscapes. We seem to have it all: tropical beaches, snow-capped mountains, dense rainforests and expansive deserts. It's no wonder why Australians love to travel and see what this amazing country has to offer. Whether you're seeking out an exciting adventure in the bush or travelling across the vast arid outback, our gear will make sure that you'll have a great time. So go on and enjoy all the majestic beauty of the Australian outdoors!

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Bullet Off Road - Helping you on your next outdoor adventure.

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  • Bullet Pro

    Bullet is a specialist Australian Four-Wheel Drive accessories brand.  Our efforts are focused towards distributing a comprehensive range of high-quality Bar, Spot and Flood Driving Lights, 4WD Snorkels, Vehicle Loading Ramps and Recovery Gear to enthusiasts across the country.  Being prepared is the golden rule in 4x4, and having the right gear by your side makes you all the more capable of overcoming the unexpected.  Bullet offers quality, practical and resilient equipment that helps you negotiate heart-pumping obstacles and roll right over sticky situations.

    At Bullet, we’re passionate about getting absorbed in the outdoors and checking out what this marvelous land has on offer.  Australians are blessed with a vast abundance of off-road destinations to explore.  Even coming out from our major cities, exciting terrain isn’t far away.  Our goal is to make experiencing these locations more attainable and enjoyable with the products we offer.  So whether you’re getting off the beaten track to compete, to unwind or for adventure, you’ll be thankful to have Bullet 4WD equipment to accompany you.

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  • CTEK

    Passion, Dedication and Innovation: these values are at the heart of CTEK and why we are a world leader in battery management. We designed the first smart battery charger over 20 years ago in Sweden. Now, we have grown to become an international group of companies, delighting our customers worldwide through our advanced battery technologies. We continually push the boundaries of our pioneering technology to give you the best battery charging solutions you need.

    Whether you're a casual car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, we guarantee that our products will give you the best performance. Browse through our range of Smart Battery Chargers, Plugs, Cables, Connectors and Accessories.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

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  • Drain Master

    Drain Master is a leading Australian brand specialising in Electric Drain Cleaners and Accessories. Our products deliver true class-leading performance to make your cleaning jobs a walk in the park. And the best part is we aim to give you the best bargain prices so you don’t have to punch a hole through your wallet.

    Cleaning out blocked drains can be a time-consuming and expensive chore. This is especially true for long sewer drains where all sorts of objects can get stuck, and removing them can be a real pain! Get a Drain Master Electric Drain Cleaner and wash away all your worries. Our products deliver serious horsepower to any cleaning/plumbing jobs with powerful motors and durable construction. At Drain Master, we strive to give you the best products to make your task easier. Rest assured that your drain cleaner will be a reliable companion for many years.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Drain Master - dependable cleaning made for you.

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  • E-Power

    E-Power is an established seller of high-quality and affordable Portable Jump Starters for the Australian market. Our products are well-known for the quality and reliability they provide for commuters across the country.

    It can be a nerve-wracking experience getting stranded on the roadside with a dead car battery. More so if you're stuck in a place without any passing motorists and cellular signal. Let E-Power jump to your rescue. Get one of our portable jump starters and eliminate all the worries and stress! Just hook it up to your car engine and you'll be back on the road in no time.

    If you happen to get caught out at night, there's no need to worry. Our products are equipped with super-bright, built-in LED torches. Say goodbye to awkward groping for things in the dark.

    Even better? Our jump starters also double as a portable power bank! They have USB ports that can power sensitive electronic devices. Charge-up your digital cameras, smartphones and tablets anytime, anywhere.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    E-Power - the pros in jump starter reliability.

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  • Fuji-Micro

  • Gecko

  • Genforce

  • Genpower

    GenPower is a leading brand of Portable Generators, Inverters and Transformers. An Australian born brand, with a marked presence in the Australian market, we have a natural understanding of the present and elaborate energy demands of Aussies. In today’s world, both our work and leisure lives have become increasingly enriched by technology. We not only desire to have our appliances on hand, we depend on them to remain productive and to function in a modern setting. At GenPower, our core goal is to give you clean, safe, quality power solutions when and where power is otherwise unavailable. We provide state-of-the-art equipment that enables you to access single-phase and three-phase power in the outdoors, in outages, on-site, or overseas. GenPower products utilise the latest in power production, with advanced pure-sine inverter technology and fuel injected generators. Our building blocks have risen from a foundation of innovation, and we strive to continue introducing technological advances into our products to give you the best portable power sources in the market. So when you invest in GenPower products, you know you’re getting a dependable, market leading energy solution to power you through modern life.

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  • Jaxsyn

  • Jet-USA

    Jet-USA is an established seller of Pressure Washers, with a pronounced operation in the Australian market.  We provide high pressure cleaning solutions for a whole range of people, with a whole host of grit to eradicate. Our functional, high-performance product range caters to home heroes, professional perfectionists, and commercial clean freaks all over the country.  Because we’re heavily focused towards a key category for well defined customer needs, we’re able to provide pressure washers that outperform consumer expectations, with unrivaled value.

    At Jet-USA we’ve committed ourselves to deliver two primary objectives.  Firstly, we strive to elevate cleaning.  We utilise a combination of proven and innovative engineering applications to create units that provide a superior cleaning experience for users.  Whether it be from ergonomic design, power, efficiency, user-friendliness or reliability, we aim to continually improve the way people are undertaking cleaning tasks.  Secondly, we’re aiming to achieve the impossible - to make cleaning stimulating!  Our pressure washers take away the tediousness and frustration from tackling grit, and turns it into a satisfying, remedial experience.  This is what we work towards, and why Jet-USA has become an established brand in Australian homes and businesses.

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  • Keamya

    Keamya is a specialty brand in Australia selling digital scanning devices such as Digital Wall Scanners and Laser Distance Measurers. Our products are popular for their accuracy and ease-of-use while also being affordable. Our goal is to provide tradies, construction personnel and DIY-ers with precise detecting and measuring tools at bargain prices.

    When it comes to construction, accuracy is of paramount importance for projects to run smoothly. This is especially true for measurements because coming up with the wrong numbers can ultimately ruin a project. Not only that, but you could also potentially waste a lot of time, money and labour. That’s why you need digital scanning devices that give accurate, error-free measurements. 

    At Keamya, we make sure to provide you with this critical information in all our product range. Our Laser Distance Measurers offer Single, Min/Max Continuous Distance, Area, Volume and Pythagorean measurement modes for all of your construction and renovation needs. If you need to detect the presence of metals and live wires, our Digital Wall Scanners will have no trouble finding them for you.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Keamya - scanning accuracy at your fingertips.

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  • Michigan

    Michigan U.S.A is a specialist brand of Portable Wood Chippers.  Since our arrival into the market, we’ve had landowners, commercial operators, and councils all over Australia enjoying the durability and power built into each of our chipping machines.  Our company is committed to providing quality machinery to customers, and when you operate a Michigan you know you’re using state-of-the-art equipment.  

    Michigan U.S.A wood chippers are built with a number of key criteria that we consider to be essential inputs for our products to stand apart from other chippers on the market.  Firstly - they’re powerful, and they need to be!  Some of our native timbers are seriously tough, so we ensure our chippers bring the horsepower to cater to these hardwoods.  Our products are designed to be practical, with all-terrain tyres across the range, and tow-hitches on some larger models.  Our entire range have just the right amount of applied innovation that keep them at the front of the pack while at the same time remaining easy to operate.  They’re also built seriously tough.  All Michigan wood chippers are  extra-resilient.  Our knowledge of Australian woods and conditions, as well as knowing our customer’s preferences, has encouraged us to become extra vigilant in delivering products that will eat up and spit out what you throw at them.

    Whatever reason it is you choose Michigan U.S.A, we’re proud to be delivering functional and value-based machinery that makes the working and recreational lives of Australians more efficient.  

    Michigan U.S.A - Formidable Force

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  • Mitsukota

    Mitsukota Instruments is a specialist distributor of Digital Measuring Tools in Australia. Our products are widely known for their accuracy, reliability and user-friendliness. We aim to provide DIYers and tradespeople with highly accurate measuring tools at bargain prices.

    Whether you're in the construction industry or in the engineering department of a company, we know how critical accuracy is when estimating your projects' costs. Overestimate them and you could end up overcharging your client, resulting in negative consequences. Underestimate them and you'll end up short-changing yourself. 

    Let us put your worries to rest. Eliminate all uncertainties with a Mitsukota product. With a 99.9% accuracy, our product range is designed to eliminate errors and give you minute precision in your measurements. Best of all, their digital capabilities mean you'll let them do the hard calculations. 

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Mitsukota - precision you can depend on.

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  • MTM

    MTM is a leading brand of chainsaws, pole tools and blowers. A specialist in the distribution of garden tools, MTM is a staple name throughout both commercial and domestic gardening applications. Our Australian focused, high-performance range of products are tested to stringent quality standards so that they outperform the competition for years to come. We’ve incorporated best-of-breed engineering and technology into our petrol power tools, while only distributing through specialist online retailers to keep our prices as low as possible. To compliment our range and keep our customers happy, we also ensure that a wide variety of accessories and spare parts are always available. But becoming an industry leader hasn’t been a leisurely stroll in the park. We’ve worked hard over the years to apply best-practice quality control processes and state-of-the art components into our products. We’ve built a brand that has earned Australia’s approval. Our aim from the beginning has been to make maintaining your garden an absolute pleasure - and we continue to build MTM equipment towards this objective.

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  • Outbac

    Outbac is an Australian brand specialising in Air Compressors. Since we entered the market, consumers have enjoyed our products’ quality and reliability at very affordable prices. 

    Getting a flat tyre in the outback or in deserted areas is a real problem, but this is where our expertise can help you with. Eliminate all uncertainties and give yourself assurance. Get one of our portable car air compressors, sit back and drive to your heart’s content! You’ll feel safe knowing an Outbac air compressor is with you and can get you out of a bind in your drives, no matter where you are.

    Each of our car air compressors is equipped with the unique and exclusive Acu-flate™ deflation valve. This handy feature accurately controls inflation and allows for fast preset deflation. This means that you don’t need to worry about overinflating your tyre - giving you peace of mind while you attend to the other parts of your car.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Outbac - Often copied, never equaled!

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  • Parts

  • PlantCraft

    PlantCraft is a leading brand of agricultural equipment, specialising in Tillers, Spreaders and Dump Carts. Following our entry into the market, we’ve had rural property owners, commercial operators, councils and domestic gardeners all over Australia taking advantage of the benefits of PlantCraft equipment. We’ve adopted ideas from all of these segments to design products that meet the brief across a whole range of applications. Our products are designed to take the hard labour out of cultivating and gardening in Australian conditions. At our crux, we aim to deliver products with purpose. This means we place practicality and usefulness at the foundations of what we do. Following this, our products are designed to an exceptional standard of quality. From ultra-durable materials to state-of the art mechanics, you can rest assured that your PlantCraft product is a cut above the rest. Our final commitment is to offer our range directly through specialist online distributors, so that we avoid middlemen markups and our prices remain extremely competitive. To put it simply, we deliver practical, quality and affordable agricultural equipment directly to you. It’s not rocket science - it’s agricultural ingenuity.

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  • PowerBlade

    Power Blade is a leading Australian brand that specialises in high-quality Garden Power Tools, Construction & DIY and Lawn Mower Parts. Aussies have a big DIY culture. It’s such a huge part of our lives. That’s why we know how important it is for you to be efficient with your time and have excellent gear for your gardening and construction needs. Power Blade is a trusted brand for tradesmen and gardeners committed to getting you the best deals for the best prices. 

    A well-maintained yard speaks volumes of its owner. And when you have friends and family over the house, you’ll surely want to have a clean and neat garden. Become the talk of the town with your neatly trimmed lawn. Get one of our lawn mowers! Light but tough, they are all equipped with multiple height adjustment settings, easy maneuverability and self-propelled function to make your lawn care a walk in the park.

    Into construction? Choose from our wide selection of commercial and industrial tools. From concrete-slicing to hole-digging, they will surely help you get the job done fast! 

    High-quality parts and other additional accessories are also available and can be bought separately such as lawn mower gearboxes, fuel caps and blade kits.

    Whether you’re working in the yard or on the field, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia. Power Blade will be your partner in your landscaping and construction endeavors.

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  • Protege

    Protege is an Australian seller that specialises in Water Pumps and Garden Sprayers. Whether it’s for commercial or domestic purposes, we’re providing quality and affordable liquid transfer solutions to the market.  Using the latest in centrifugal impeller technology, Protege provides high-performance diesel, petrol and lithium powered pumps and weed sprayers that make the lives of our customers easier, safer and more economical.

    Being an Australian brand, we understand the need for rugged products that can be depended upon in harsh climates, and as such we provide leading fire-fighting pumps and water transfer pumps for flood recovery.  Protege appreciates that Australia naturally demands its population becomes increasingly water wise.  More than ever we need to be able to properly utilise this precious resource in the best possible way.  Because of this, we aim to deliver solutions that enable Australians to access and distribute our water effectively and sustainably.  All Protege products are developed with this key mindset.  Our pumps and sprayers have purpose, reliability, and leading performance built into them, so when you purchase Protege rest assured that you’re getting great value and buying smart.

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  • Rossi

    A leading seller of Welders and Battery Chargers, Rossi delivers a superior standard in welding solutions to the Australian market.  We appreciate that whether you’re in shop or on site, you don’t want to be handling many different pieces of equipment.  Knowing this, our primary goal is to provide state of the art, multifunctional welders that perform combinations of MIG, MAG, MMA, and TIG welding as well as Plasma Cutting.  The Rossi brand has become renowned for delivering products that are dynamic, dependable, enduring, manageable and safe to operate.  

    Gaining - and retaining - this reputation has been achievable through our use of modern inverter technologies, and taking common sense approaches to designing units that fulfill market needs.  In essence, Rossi products have been designed with versatility and usefulness at front of mind, while complying with all Australian standards.  Adding further substance to our goal of versatile products, our range of battery chargers have been developed with the same tenacity we’ve applied to our welders and cutters.  When you purchase Rossi, you know that you’re getting equipment at the frontline of modern welding and charging technology.   

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  • Seacliff

  • Striker

  • T-Rex

    T-Rex is a specialist seller of Automotive Workshop Equipment, 4WD and Motorcycle Accessories.  An advocate for automotive professionals, T-Rex has long been striving to provide the most functional equipment for those who build, fix, service, drive and improve the vehicles we need and love.  Whether you own your own business or just spend your free time getting off the beaten track, T-Rex has a wide range of winches, hoists and automotive positioning equipment to compliment your passion.  
    More than ever before, we know that having access to quality equipment is not only ideal, but necessary to capitalise on time, and keep up with the demand of life and business.  T-Rex delivers high-quality and affordable auto maintenance accessories directly to Australian consumers, so that establishing an expanded range of professional equipment is attainable.  Our products are designed to exceed the needs of the commercial market.  They play an active role in thousands of professional, recreational, and competition garages across the country everyday.  That’s what we’re here for, and what we continue to work towards.      

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  • Thermomate

  • thomson

  • Unimac

    Unimac specialises in selling high quality Air Tools, Paint Sprayers, Wet & Dry Vacuums, Sanders and other hardware products. Our mission is to enable tradespeople and DIYers across Australia to execute their projects to a professional standard at the greatest value. Unimac products have exceeded customer expectations for years by providing functional, durable and affordable tools to the Australian market. Our philosophy is that quality does not need to be compromised when buying at a great price. We know what Australian consumers want - functional and useful tools - and our entire team applies itself to bringing you exactly that. Unimac products have been tried and tested to outperform industry standards, and we continue to deliver exceptional tools and accessories around Australia every day.

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  • Warton

    Known for its outstanding line of Petrol & Diesel Powered Water Pumps and Parts, Warton is a distinguished Australian brand for years. It provides high-quality water pumping solutions at reasonable prices. Whether it’s for heavy-duty commercial applications or home use, Warton is the name to remember.

    Be amazed at the power and versatility our pumps can bring. Equipped with powerful 4-stroke engines, all Warton pumps produce impressive flow rates that make water transfers to slopes or to a second, third or fourth story floor faster and with minimal fuss.

    We also have high-quality Water Pump Parts available and can be bought separately. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered in keeping your pump up and running.

    No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    Warton - the leader in pump innovation.

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  • X-Cell

    X-Cell is a reputable Australian brand known for its dependable Battery Chargers & Jump Starters for vehicles. Launched to serve your emergent needs, our focus is on selling high-quality, portable, lightweight and durable battery chargers at affordable prices.

    The Australian landscape is known to be wild and rugged and filled with expansive natural beauty and potential dangers. That’s why it could be a nerve-wracking experience to find yourself suddenly stranded in the outback with a flat battery! Save yourself the hassle and get one of our smart battery chargers for your peace of mind. Whether you find yourself stranded in the wild or in a busy suburb, rest assured that X-Cell products will bring your vehicle back to life.

    At X-Cell, we’re passionate about providing battery chargers that will deliver years of dependable service. No matter where you are, we guarantee that we can deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane or any part of Australia.

    So go on and have that outback adventure! You’ll rest easy knowing you have an X-Cell Smart Battery Charger with you on your road trips.

    X-Cell - your partner for your auto power needs

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