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  • 2.5m x 3m Side Car Awning - 23S

    2.5m x 3m Side Car Awning - 23S


    was $399

  •   2.5m x 3m Car Awning - 23R

    2.5m x 3m Car Awning - 23R


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Experience unparalleled comfort in the majestic Australian outdoors with BULLET Car Awnings, exclusively available online on Edisons. A must-have for adventurers and camping enthusiasts, BULLET Car Awnings are sure to transform your outdoor camping experience. 

Get yourself covered with your BULLET Car Awning whether you’re on a brief excursion to the countryside or an extended journey across the Outback. Its extensive UV-stabilised, weatherproof, waterproof and mould-resistant awning will ensure you’re protected from the harshest of conditions. Sturdy enough to withstand the elements yet light and compact enough for easy set up in a jiffy.

The BULLET Car Awning boasts hinge released twist-lock alloy pole supports with infinite adjustment that provides premium stability not seen in competing car awnings. Don’t let its size fool you. The sweeping 420D Oxford fabric canopy compacts into an ultra-compact cylindrical kit comfortable mounted on your car.

For all your auto needs, Edisons also offers a wide range of affordable Snorkels, Ramps, 4WD Storage Drawers and Ute Toolboxes. All BULLET Car Awnings are covered by a 12-month warranty for domestic use and 3-month commercial warranty. Guaranteed fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether you’re in Sydney or in the Outback.

Buy a BULLET Car Awning today and you’ll never have to compromise your outdoor comfort ever again.

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