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  •   Universal 4WD 4X4 Sliding Storage Drawers

    Universal 4WD 4X4 Sliding Storage Drawers


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The question: A fast, easy, and above all, secure way to store gear and valuables for a long off-road getaway. The answer: BULLET 4WD Storage Drawers, exclusively available online on Edisons. Perfect for anyone looking to expand the storage capacity of their motor beasts of burden, have everything within reach with your BULLET 4WD Storage Drawer

You deserve nothing but the best, and you’re assured of that with heavy-duty BULLET Storage Drawers. A universal mounting system ensures BULLET Storage Drawers will fit a wide range of vehicles. Its double-folded galvanised steel frame construction is engineered to withstand the toughest bumps while maintaining its rigid shape, while the tough drawers and inbuilt fridge slide provide no-sweat access to your stored cargo. Lined with marine carpeting inside and out, retrieve your items the same way you put them (No scratches!) after a bumpy off-road drive.

Complete all your auto needs with Edisons’ wide range of dependable and affordable Tool Sets, Jacks & Lifts, Driving Lights and Ute Toolboxes. All BULLET 4WD Storage Drawers are backed by an Australian standard 12-month domestic warranty and 3-month warranty for commercial use. Guaranteed fast and easy delivery anywhere, whether you’re in Sydney or in the Outback, only from Edisons.

Buy a BULLET 4WD Storage Drawer online today and bring security with you to the rugged Outback

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