4WD Snorkel Kits

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A good quality snorkel needs to be one thing above all else - dependable. Fulfilling its most basic function every time, and that is supplying clean and cool air into the engine when the vehicle’s in a submerged state or engulfed in dust.

Edisons provides a holistic collection of dependable and highly efficient 4WD Snorkels. Among the top snorkels available online, Bullet Snorkels cater to the needs of a variety of vehicle brands, including Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Hilux, Lexus L450, Nissan Patrol and Ford Ranger.

Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of Australia, Bullet Snorkels provide maximum sealing against water and dust. They are made from UV-resistant linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and help disperse moisture and rain with an advanced ram type intake head. They can significantly improve the engine’s intake height and prevent any catastrophic damage to your engine when attempting to cruise through deep waters.

A major benefit of having a Bullet Snorkel installed in your vehicle is more air in the combustion chamber. With this, you’ll undoubtedly realise the benefits, especially in terms of outright performance and fuel economy. Because each set is made from high-end materials, you’ll have complete peace of mind against seepage and leaks. The securely sealed components and quality construction are also sure to impress.

When you purchase a snorkel from Edisons in Sydney and all over Australia you’ll get anti-corrosive stainless steel clamps and other key components for easy mounting. Enjoy clean air intake plus safe water crossing to maintain excellent engine performance.

Apart from Snorkel Kits, Edisons also has a huge range of other fantastic automotive parts and accessories such as Driving Lights, 4WD Storage Drawers, Car Awnings, Ute Toolboxes, Roof Racks & Carriers and Polishers & Buffers.

Buy a Bullet Snorkel today and make your vehicle the ultimate partner for off-road adventure!

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